How Much Net Worth Does Kevin Rinke Have?

Kevin Rinke Net Worth


Net Worth Approx. $800,000
Income Est. $2.66K Per month
Birthday 1975
Profession Politician & vehicles Dealer 
Nationality American


His amazing knowledge has added to his estimated $800K net worth. His prosperous career in business has enabled him to gain wealth. We’ll talk about Kevin Rinke’s age, height, career, net worth, and other little-known details.



Kevin Rinke, an American businessman and real estate investor, serves as the CEO of Rinke Properties. Kevin Rinke was born in 1971 in New York, United States. He was now 48 years old.

Rinke’s family includes his mother Janice Skillman, siblings Michael and Elizabeth, and his wife Janine, along with their children Amanda, Grant, and Katherine. Also, Rinke’s brother Michael died due to an air crash.



Kevin Rinke is a prosperous man who works in politics, owns a business and sells vehicles. He handles everything with ease and is a well-liked celebrity.

Kevin Rinke took an interest in the automobile business because his whole family was known for the car dealing business. Rinke began working in the automotive industry at the age of ten.

He has been proudly managing Michigan’s longest GM dealership since 1916. In partnership with the United Auto Group and Roger Penske, he aims to grow the business by adding more Rinke-named businesses throughout Michigan while placing a high value on long-term staff members. 


Kevin Rinke now wants to be the governor of Michigan. To compete for the governorship, Kevin Rinke promised to spend $10 million of his own money. He plans to use the funds to repair local infrastructure and provide Michigan residents with well-paying jobs.

To ensure his electoral position, the politician plans various campaigns including TV commercials. He posts frequently on Twitter, discussing the impending election and advertising his efforts.


According to internet resources, Ashley Ross is the wife of Zeb Ross. She is a very gorgeous and loyal woman that is proven for him. She provided him a lot of love and courage so he continued his profession until he got expertise in it. 


Kevin Rinke Wife

Kevin’s wife of over twenty-five years, Janine Rinke, is very important to him and his family.

In addition to being the mother of Katherine, Grant, and Amanda, Janine shares in the adventures and journey of the Rinke family.


Family Details


Father Ronald John Rinke
Mother Janice Skillman
Siblings Bro: Michael

Sis: Elizabeth

Wife Janine
Kids Amanda, Grant & Katherine


Body Measurements & Physical Appearance 


Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Skin Color N/A




Q: What is the net worth of Kevin Rinke?

A: Kevin Rinke is reported to have a net worth of more than $800,000, mostly from his family’s automobile dealership and management positions.


Q: Where was Kevin Rinke born?

A: Along with his sister Elizabeth and brother Michael, Kevin Rinke was born in Southeast Michigan.


Q: In which political party did Kevin Rinke join for his governor candidacy?

A: Kevin Rinke joined the Republican Party to run for governor of Michigan. 


Q: What is the amount of money Kevin Rinke promised to spend in his campaign to become governor?

A: He promised to spend $10 million to become governor.


Q: How did Kevin Rinke become the head of Rinke Automotive Group?

A: Kevin Rinke became the head of Rinke Automotive Group after graduating from college.


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Final Verdict

Dynamic and kind, Kevin Rinke combines financial savvy with a dedication to public service. His $10 million commitment to Michigan is evidence of his committed efforts to improve the state’s prosperity.

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