George Kamel Net Worth, Age, Career & Wife

George Kamel Net Worth


Net Worth Approx. $5 Million
Income Est. $11K Per Month
Birthday 4 May 1989
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American


According to internet research, George Kamel has approximately $5 million net worth. He achieved this huge number through his successful career.

His daily income is about 11k dollars and his annual income is neat to about 1M or $98k. He got this huge amount of money by following the advice of Ramsey’s tried-and-true financial strategy.

Today, we will dig into the biography, age, wife, salary net worth and income of George Kamel so make sure you will read the full article the end to get all the details. 



A well-known American podcaster and Ramsey personality George Kamel was Born on May 4, 1989, and he is around 34 years old as 2024.

Additionally, George Kamel has co-hosted the EntreLeadership podcast. He is also serving as a co-host on the Dave Ramsey program since 2013. George was married to Whitney Woloshyn Kamel in November 2, 2018. 

He is well-known for working to inspire others. George Kamel is an impressive person who tries to improve the lives of others. He advised the people how to save the money and how to avoid from making mistakes.



He felt the need that he should to provide awareness among the people so he started his career life by choosing professions like Podcaster, and hosting.

He starts his career in the Ramsey program. He has been employed there for more than a decade/10 years. In his podcasts, “The Fine Print” and “The EntreLeadership Podcast,” he solves financial myths, and offers guidance on making better decisions, and on financial solutions.


George Kamel Wife

Whitney Woloshyn Kamel is the wife of George Kamel. The story of their relationship is very interesting. They both are employees in Ramsey Solution and one day they fell in love.

Eventually, on November 2, 2018, Whitney Woloshyn Kamel became his life partner.


Family Details


Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Wife Whitney Woloshyn Kamel
Kids N/A


Body Measurements & Physical Appearance 


Height 5 Feet 6 inch 
Weight 78 KG
Eye Color green
Hair Color Brown 
Skin Color White




What made George Kamel wealthy?

Using Ramsey’s tried-and-true financial strategy.


What is the duration of George Kamel’s employment at Ramsey Solutions?

Mmore than ten years


Does George Kamel host any podcasts?

A: “The Fine Print” and “The EntreLeadership Podcast” are hosted by George Kamel.


Does George Kamel have a degree?

He did bachelor’s in communication from the University of Mobile.


Is George Kamel a millionaire?

George went from negative net worth to a millionaire in under 10 years.


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Final Verdict

George Kamel wants to help the people by telling them how to save money. For that purpose, he starts a YouTube channel to provide awareness among the people on how to save money.

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